It’s a hoot

For some reason I am in a really bad mood today. I am upset and I feel like everyone is yelling at me. I have to consciously remind myself that it is me not them. No flipping out, no swearing, no telling them to go to hell. I really want to though. Maybe I should go home? There really isn’t a reason for me to go though so I am going to tough it out.

The good thing is now I have fallen into this 90s pop song fix. I am not feeling better but I am less likely to kill. It started because that Monica song popped into my head.

It really is just one of them days. So because it is on YouTube I have been clicking through the suggestions on the side. So far I have listened to this:

and this:

I am probably going to do this:

next. Maybe this:

or this:

Or this:

Most likely all of the above and more. Its keeping me from blowing up and that is all I need right now.

Anyways, on to the real purpose of this post. As another deterent to going balistic I am writing. I can’t concentrate on actual work cuz everything I write would lack finesse and be a bit too blunt and I will most likely have to rewrite it another day so I would prefer not to have to do that. So you get a quick post about my nails.

This week’s look is more subdued than usual with earthy muted colours that works well with my skin tone and a touch of sparkle.

You will notice (possibly) that this is based on 2 colours I used last week. It is super simple but classy. The object is another trinket from my desk, one of my wind up owls. They are Nathan J designs and that is about all I know about them. The boxes were tossed a long time ago and they don’t have much info on them. They fun and kitschy.

I used 4 polishes this week

Base coat – Essie “Grow Faster” Formula

Beige – Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 270 “Steel Grey”

Brown/sparkles – Julep “Candace”

Top Coat – LA Girl NT1 Diamond Top Coat


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Hey Don’t post vids from youtube if you can I can’t see them at work – use vevo instead if they’re on there. otherwise GAW how’s I gonna watch’um.


About the nail polish: i’d say that this palette is very “Tra”. I really like the way the dots and colours work with your skin tone. The style isn’t loud but it is complex and interesting. I hope you do this pattern again and again.
About the music: “Crush on you” is one great song which brought back fond memories. The others… not so much.


In other news, using “cuz” instead of because is so full of finesse :p also, aaaaah! Komodo paw is gonna hurt that owl!


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