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How fast does grass grow?

Well from what I have found searching the internet it grows 2-6in a week. In metric that converts to about 5-15cm a week. There is such a huge gap because there are many varying factors that affect the speed of the grass going. There is temperature, humidity, precipitation, amount of light, type of grass and more. Grass seems to be a very fickle thing. There is even a site where you can, well, watch grass grow. The images are updated every 2 seconds or so so you can watch…grass. I guess you gotta be pretty bored to hang out on that site but from what the site says over a million people have tuned in. I guess I am one of them too and so are you.


Orbital Speed of the Space Shuttle

After being shot into space astronauts orbit the Earth in their shuttle at between 17000-1800mph, which in metric 27358-28968kph. That is crazy fast. That mean that the space shuttle could fly across the widest part of Canada, 5187km, in 11 minutes (if I have done my calculations correctly).



The Roadrunner who is regularly chased by Wile E Coyote is based on a real bird call the roadrunner, the greater roadrunner to be exact. It is a bird that is found in the south central and western States. It isn’t as big as Chuck Jones depicted, it only gets to be about 56cm but it is a good runner reaching speeds of 24kph.



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