Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your Ears …!

So I can wimp, whine and complain. I just have to rant a little here. It’s my turn to complain. Those who know me well, know that I usually am a happy go lucky person who doesn’t really have a whole lot to complain about but I must say that I am getting very bored and tired, frustrated even, with everyone complaining about every little nit picky thing they can think of these days.  I wish I could scream at the top of my lungs GET OVER IT ALREADY!! IT’S NOT THAT IMPORTANT … well to me anyway, farbeit for me to decide what’s important for anyone else but I really don’t want to hear anyone’s issues aside from family and close friends.

I must have truly missed my calling or have an invisible sign on my back or forehead that reads, free unlicensed therapist here. Everyone and their dog seem to come to me just to moan and complain, from people at work to friends to the stranger who walks in off the street and for the most part I know it’s only people blowing off steam, however, how much can one person take before insanity sets in? I’m not sure … but I’ll let you know … shortly. Ha.

If everyone put as much effort into positive things as they do in the negative just imagine what kind of changes could happen.  That said I am feeling like a bit of the hypocrite here so I will continue to lend my ears to those who have “issues” and lend words of support where needed if only a uhn hmm. Thanks for your ears.



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