What a week.

This week 3 crazy ridiculous things have happened that have left me in a strange place not knowing how to handle them.


As I have been complaining about, and should really stop, I moved. I knew the place wasn’t the best but with a few touch ups it would be fine. But what I didn’t know was that I was moving to the ghetto.

I had never heard of problems in the area before, it is filled with families, and there is a very popular mall across the street. But on Wednesday night someone got shot and killed in the park/grassy abandoned lot across the street, which I have a very clear view of.

I didn’t see the actual incident go down but I saw all the commotion that followed. Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, blaring light, the area being taped off, EMS performing CPR, beat-cops, detectives, CSI…the whole nine yards. I felt like I was watching some cop drama unfold but the TV was at a really low level. Is it wrong to say I was a little excited?

I did have the “oh my god, what have I done?” feeling after the incident. Even though it was one occurrence I can’t help but feel mildly uneasy. I’m not too worried about it but I can feel it, in the back of my mind just poking away. I am there so I will just have to get over it.


This is old news by now but if you don’t know, Archie chose Veronica. He is supposed to be proposing to her in the 600th issue of “Archie”. I really am not surprised he picked the skanky one. Plus she wasn’t crazy, disturbingly obsessed with him.

Veronica has toyed with Archie’s emotions haphazardly jumping back and forth between him and his nemisis/frenemy Reggie since the comic books inception in 1941. She’s been stuck up, sometimes mean and manipulative but she has managed to stay grounded in herself.

But Betty, poor, poor Betty, seemed to have become more fixated on Archie as the series has gone on. She is flat out nuts. But I still feel sorry for her. She has been strung along for 599 issues only to have her heart crushed. I feel kind of sad for her.

I guess blondes don’t have more fun they are simply delusional about it.


Last but not least, David Carradine is dead. The star most known for playing Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu / Kung Fu: The Legand Continues and the title character in Kill Bill was found hung in his hotel room in Bangkok Thailand. It was very sudden and shocking.

He wasn’t a young man. Born in 1936 and first making an appearance on tv in 1963, his career has been long and full. At the young age of 73 his career was taking an upswing with 6 movies in post-production.

He has been in about every genre of film and television. He’s done prominent shows, big budget movies, cameos, voice work, and many b-movies. I did a search on imdb.com and he has 222 acting credits listed. Plus writing, directing, producer, and soundtrack credits. I didn’t know this before but he was also a very talented musician.

He will be missed.


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so wait – you were mildly affected by Bill from Kill Bill’s death but also felt strangely bedraggled cos’ you essentially moved into a crime hotspot and are about to go postal because archie chose veronica? It bears repeating “Girl, you got some is-shoes and they arent even the kind, which you can strut about in!”


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