My Two Cents.

Is it just me, or have we all been (at one point or another) stuck behind those people who feel it necessary to argue with a cashier about a few pennies? Whenever I get in a line to pay for something especially at a grocery store I get stuck behind these people. “No that cookie was marked .98 cents not a dollar” then we have to wait for the cashier to call for a price check but the price check guy is on break so she has to call a manager but the manager is helping on cash because its busy and … well you get the idea. Seriously is it going to make that big a difference? Okay, now I know you’re all thinking it’s not the price it’s the principle … well screw that! It’s the price, a few pennies does not a principle make. How many times do you find things where they’re not supposed to be? I can see if you were buying say a hundred dollar item and it was coming up at 150 or something then I would ask for them to double check but PEOPLE I’m talking about a few pennies. I just want to throw the pennies and them and say shut the F*&K up and move on. Stop wasting people’s time and get out.

If you’re one of those people, please explain to me why? I don’t get it.



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