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Post – well sort of book review

I’ve known it for some time and I don’t know why I just didn’t listen to myself but I guess I just wanted to give it another try. I wanted to believe that I was or am open to all forms of story telling in the written format. ALAS it’s just not true. I… …more

Souls of Angels

Souls of Angels by Thomas Eidson Los Angeles – early 1800’s A tragedy befalls the Lugo family and a mother and son die. Their husband and father coupes by trying to turn their youngest daughter into what his son should have been – a… …more

Yes, I am Literate

I can’t believe the last time I gave book recommendations was all the way in October. I have been reading, lots actually (not just The Watchmen), and I think all of it is just mashed up in my brain. I continually have a book that I lug around and open every time I have a… […]

In Anticipation

I am currently in the midst of reading Watchmen. You know the greatest graphic of all time that will soon be released as a movie that will possibly be the greatest superhero movie of all time. Usually I wouldn’t do that. If a… …more

Recommended Reading

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut: Vonnegut is simply a literary genius. The story is strange, fun, and simply interesting. He makes you invest in and care about his characters no matter how odd they may be. He also tells the story as an old man would his grand children. There are detours and side… […]

Recommended Reading

Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson: Soulful, Wistful and emotionally charged. This book is an alternate coming of age story propelled by loss and redeemed by love with every other range of human emotion in between. Superbly written, it is perhaps one of the very few books that actually explores the idea of growing up as… […]

The Night Watch

As everyone will realize I am not good at reviews … Including my own writing. I just can’t talk about it intelligently. I was never really good at giving book reports not even on See Spot Run. I was all like there was this dog and he ran. I guess you could consider it an… […]