Recommended Reading

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut:
Vonnegut is simply a literary genius. The story is strange, fun, and simply interesting. He makes you invest in and care about his characters no matter how odd they may be. He
also tells the story as an old man would his grand children. There are detours and side stories that initially are thought to be random but are later brought back in as key points. Just a great read.

Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk:
Chuck Palahniuk is great at making you feel something for characters that can’t even feel for themselves. They are strange, twisted, and disgusting when you first meet them but by the end you pity them. He is also a master of imagery. He has a way of using simple language to conjure up complex and disturbing images in your mind. This book does both masterfully to take you on a strange trip.

Lamb by Christopher Moore:
Moore is fun, witty, and intelligent whenwriting this story that could easy have become offensive and controversial. It is the story of Jesus as a young boy to the age of 33, that part of his life that was skipped over in the bible, as told by his best friend Biff. The story is filled with humour, sadness, sex, violence, and wonder. Even though this book is based on religion it is not religious or preachy.

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