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Not long ago, just after Christmas actually, I heard a little tidbit on the radio that the last manufacturer of VHS tapes had sent out its last shipment. The VHS is officially dead. It has been going the way of the dodo for many years now but has managed to hold on to those last… […]

It’s ruined

I used to be one of those people who liked Spam. Oh don’t scrunch up your face like that. Everyone was given Spam at some point in their childhood and depending on how it was prepared it would have either scarred you or you just ate it and went on with your day… …more

Pass the tissue

I hate being sick. It is never any fun. Even if you get a day off you spend it lying on your back staring at the ceiling struggling to breathe. You can’t talk on the phone cuz no one wants to hear you hack up a lung and you feel like you brain is about… […]

Death by chocolate

So is anyone else unnerved by the suicidal candy ads? You know the new Cadbury Cream Egg commercials that tell you to “Get the goo out”? I have to say I find it disturbing that these manic depressive chocolate eggs roll around in a jolly fashion finding ways to disembowel themselves. Is this really supposed… […]


My mind wanders a lot when I am bored. I don’t really day dream in the usual girly way about frolicking in fields, that new pair of Gucci shoes, or the new mail boy in the office but my mind does come up with some weird crap to entertain itself. Like, I was informed by… […]

Thanks for the chocolate. You can leave now.

“I know it is not Valentine’s Day yet but I already feel more cynical than usual.” * “It is a money making ploy that is perpetrated by the money hungry capitalist empires and is situated right in the middle of chocolate season.” * “All the public displays of affection are just nauseating. There… …more

Whose business is it anyway?

Michael Phelps. Well I guess you know what I’m talking about. Can I just say that I have heard enough about this man already, I know – he smoked marijuana, but seriously who cares? I mean other than the lazy ass people who would rather have their children look up to someone else as a… […]

Juicy Squirts

First, you guys are sick and should get your minds out of the gutter. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I needed to get some candy. I was going to go see a movie, I don’t remember which one, and I went to Shopper’s to pick some up because why should I pay $6… …more

Like Sands through the Hour Glass

As the years fly by the New Year gets to be more precious as it brings with it a certain hope that things will get better. New chances, a new beginning, remember the past and learn from your mistakes. Most everyone lives for the future, thinking that today will take care of itself and… …more

No Resolve

Well, it is a new year. The fireworks have been set off, food has been eaten, drinks have been drunk, the clock ticked, or possibly tocked, and a new year has begun. All of a sudden everyone is asking, “What’s you new years resolution?” This is always a tough question to answer. I am… …more