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Sorry to have left you so long with that last post. I know it wasn’t uplifting or particularly fun but it had to be said. As predicted I did get calls from friends, even visits, insisting that what I said isn’t true but (there is always a but) I should try to wear more fitted……read more

They’re just not interested

This really should be something left for…lets say Valentine’s Day. I usually save this kind of cynicism and truthfulness for the day when (even though forced) it should be most heart felt; pun intended. But I have come to a realization recently (the weekend to be exact) that my life has been leading up to……read more

I didn’t expect it to be so big either

That’s what she said. Yes. That just happened. Anyways, I know I put up that crazy long post yesterday and wish I had seen this before I finished but I just had to share this. I love the XKCD web comic. It is funny, it’s often mathematical, and you never know what to… …more

Now I remember

So, seriously, the last post wasn’t supposed to be about Kris Kross it just kind of happened. I was supposed to throw up the “I Missed the Bus” video cuz the song was stuck in my head but then I got all wrapped up in it after listening to a few songs. These things happen……read more

My Elephant Keeps Moving

That title may seem cryptic but it really isn’t just take it for what it is, “My elephant keeps moving.” A friend of mine just came back from a trip that took her through India and Nepal. She was gone for 2 and a half weeks and was greatly missed. When she came back… …more

Bright Lights, Bigger City

I don’t think I have ever mentioned my love of Cee-Lo Green’s last album ‘The Lady Killer’, the album that brought you the song ‘Fuck You’ aka ‘Forget You’ as the radio-safe version. I never found that the album got the proper recognition that it deserved. Sure that song was/is everywhere but nothing else that……read more

And I’m Full

I know I haven’t really written in a while but that wasn’t because I didn’t want to, it was because of disappointment and boredom. Sure I could have written about comicon – I didn’t originally plan on going but I did cuz I had nothing else to do – and I could have taken… …more

More Vids

So I know I haven’t been doing a whole lot of actual writing, simply dropping some fun vids for you but hopefully later this week that will change. Actually I think I am being a bit ambitious with that statement it will probably be next week. Until then I have some more videos that I……read more

And that is why

Even though I love comics and collectibles I have been avoiding stores with said merchandise for a long time. But this weekend while out running errands I wondered into The Silver Snail. At first I stopped myself, stood out side the store contemplating my decision to go in. There was a comic I had heard about that I was……read more

Love Life

When you’re young you are taught that… Dean Martin – You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You For a while  the love of your family is all you need. A tender touch from your mom, a pat on the back from your dad, sibling commradery… …more