I’m on a bus

Last week I was on a bus. A school bus.

Now this would not be something of note if I was, say, between the ages of 5 and 17. But at my age (ahem) this is a rarity. Well, it is infrequent to say the least. The last time I was on one was exactly 1 year and 8 days prior. I know because the dates were of note, well actually last year’s date was of note as it was my birthday and this year it was 8 days after my birthday.

Anyways, the reason I am bringing this up was not really the fact that i was on the bus (or that i drank continuously for almost 8 hour after I got off of said bus) but it is beacause of this:

Yes, that is a reset button. For what? you may ask. And I would not have an answer for you. And that is the thing I am really writing about.

It was located at the back of the bus above the last seat on the left hand side. It’s placement seemed to be pretty random. In a position of little importance but possibly in the place of highest importance. Yes it was close the the rear emergence exit (that was tied close by a white nylon rope) by where the cool kid are (that is me!) but it was far away from people of authority you would possibly use said button.

But what did it reset?

Was it like the Omega 13? Did it rearrange the known universe to undo 13 seconds so that a mistake could be corrected?

Did it reset the bus to factory settings? Gum stuck under the seat desolves into thin air, tears in fabric magically mend, windows are raised and closed by invisible hands.

Maybe the bus is actually the Continumtransfunctioner in disguise and pushing the button ensure the safety of the universe for another millennium.

Did it reset alarms set off by foolish students who would “accidentally” open the emergency exit at the back? I doubt it would be something so pedestrian.

I really should have just pushed it to find out. But with my luck it was probably mislabeled and is really a self destruct button and I would not be around to tell you all about it.

Alas, bit of me were strewn across the street, splattered on windows, or clogging drain pipes. So here you are reading about me being on a bus.


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Gasp! The button is for launching out of the bus in case a Komodo is aboard the vehicle! Which in this case appears to be the case … Run fools, run! “Rabble rabble rabble” (Komodo eating noises I suspect)


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