May the 4th Be With You


It’s not really a day it is a geek thing but whatever. I have a story to tell.

When I was in high school during morning announcements you could pay a quarter and have a message read over the PA. They were mostly birthday wishes, jokes, and up coming events. On May 4th one year a friend and I decided we would like Star Wars day recognized. We walked into the office, went to the desk and asked that at the end of all the other announcements could they please say “May the 4thbe with you.” You would think this would be a simple and easy request. But no, so started the 20 minute quest to have this said.

The person (I can’t remember if it was a guy or a girl) was very confused about the whole thing. Asking us questions about what it means and stuff and we explained that it was a simple Star Wars thing and you just say it. Still they didn’t understand and went to get the vice principle (who apparently had nothing else to do) to come figure out if this is something they can say over the PA. My friend and I were completely flabbergasted at the kafuffle that this was turning into.

Even though it would have been easy just to give up at this point for some reason we were feeling purposeful and adamant about getting this message read to the school. We were going to stick it out until our mission was complete.

The vice principle did come out and talk to us about it and was also confused about the whole thing. He wanted to know who this was going out to (which was no one in particular) and why we would want such a cryptic message read. Then he asked if there was a religious significance. This would seem like a strange question but it was a Catholic school so I guess they wanted to make sure it had nothing to do with demon worship or something satanic.

Finally he said yes. It was safe to be read.

So my friend and I happily skipped off to class, sat, and anxiously awaited our announcement to be read. We stood for the national anthem and morning prayers, sat through bad jokes and birthday wish until finally our time had come. There was a pause and then…

“May the…4th be with…you?”

What? WHAT! They ruined it. Completely and utterly ruined it.

First off the phrase is not a question but a statement. Second they read it like they didn’t know how to read. Third they ruined it. RUINED IT!

My friend and I were so upset about the whole thing. After paying our money and arguing our cause we were still gypped. It was a very sad day in our history. But I live none the less.

But to you out there I say this with passion and geekness…

May the 4th be with you!


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