All Things End

The past couple of weeks have been interesting as several pop-culture phenomenon have concluded all at the same time. We have seen the end of stories about a fantasy world, political satire, superheroes, and some nerds who eat together, that have captured the collective hearts and imaginations of millions of people around the world in……read more

Weird words we use everyday

To tell you the truth I think all words are weird. Language in general is a very peculiar thing. It is just grunts and sounds arranged in a particular pattern or sequence that we have all collectively agreed has some sort of meaning. English in particular is complex and hard to learn as in it’s……read more

MET Gala 2019

I know this is a little late but I had to do a post about this year’s MET Gala. Every year the beautiful and the rich get together in an extravagant display of excess and wealth for…some reason. They choose a theme, people prepare, they make a scene, and stop for lots and lots of…read more

Some Stuff

As you know, I stopped posting for over a year and started again just recently. But during that time it wasn’t that I was not writing, I just didn’t complete anything that I wrote. Currently I have 18 draft posts just sitting there waiting to be re-examined and maybe posted. Well this is one of…read more

Bad Trek

The last post I wrote for this blog before I went on a ridiculously long break was about Star Trek Discovery. The show had just started, airing the first 2 episodes which created and destroyed the world I thought this story was to take place in. I had enjoyed the episodes but because I hadn’t……read more

Product placement

I still have friends that complain about product placement in movies. It used to be something that got to me as well but many years ago I kinda just got over it. Why? Because it properly reflects a realistic version of the world we live in. Look down at your clothes, look at your desk,…read more


Music is a strange thing. It is a series of strung together sounds that are pleasing to the listener. Unless of course you are an old crotchety man waving his stick at the damned youth of today. But music has a way of instilling emotions, making you move fast, or slowing you down for just……read more

Get untethered

I don’t like horror movies. As a young child I was afflicted with night terrors and that combined with an over active imagination did not bode well for an evening’s slumber. As I grew older the terrors waned but my dislike for horror persisted. But every once in a while a horror movie catches my……read more

If you liked the Manga…

Every once in a while I have the audacity to let someone else pick the movie I am going to watch. That is just crazy! But the other day my friend begged me to go see Alita: Battle Angel. Despite my reservations and due to him offering to pay, I said yes. This was a movie I……read more

Stop Living in the Past

Nostalgianoun a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal association something done or presented in order to evoke feelings of nostalgia I get why nostalgia sells. For the most part it just makes people feel good. It is a familiarity taking you back to a…read more

Like Sands through the Hour Glass

As the years fly by the New Year gets to be more precious as it brings with it a certain hope that things will get better. New chances, a new beginning, remember the past and learn from your mistakes. Most everyone lives for the future, thinking that today will take care of itself and… …more

No Resolve

Well, it is a new year. The fireworks have been set off, food has been eaten, drinks have been drunk, the clock ticked, or possibly tocked, and a new year has begun. All of a sudden everyone is asking, “What’s you new years resolution?” This is always a tough question to answer. I am… …more

It Was nice to have met you

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button In the last few weeks I haven’t written any movie reviews. This isn’t because I haven’t seen any movies but because there was nothing that I have seen that moved me to write one. The movies I have seen in the last while have been either mediocre or… …more

Missing Link

This email tete-a-tete occurred between Tra and Cory for the posts you are reading below. Now if I weren’t out of town – this would have been an entirely different conversation. How? Observe – Tra: The season has us slacking on the blog. We will be disappointing our readers. But I wrote up a… …more

Time to Shove, Time to Glare

Christmas, Christmas time is here Time for joy and time for cheer Those are the words sung by those loveable rodents who like to lie! Joy and Cheer this time of year? I think not. It should say something about pushing and shoving and fighting for a parking spot. Those words may have rung… …more

Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your Ears …!

So I can wimp, whine and complain. I just have to rant a little here. It’s my turn to complain. Those who know me well, know that I usually am a happy go lucky person who doesn’t really have a whole lot to complain about but I must say that I am getting very bored……read more

Just a Bit of Dialogue

I have been meaning to post some of my fiction for some time but I can’t bring myself to post any of it. For some reason I have a habit of being pretty depressive when I write. So I have decided to post some of my random dialogue. I do seem to be a bit


May 08th, 2005 : Its been a complete day – since I arrived here and things couldn’t seem more bleak for the likes of me. From a lack of running water to the breezeless humidity to the peculiar stink and the droning sounds that never stop. I am quite literally in travel destination purgatory… …more

Painting With Light

This photo started out as an assignment – painting with light, and was taken off a picture hanging on my wall.  The only tools required were a pitch black room and a light source. I was thinking about using a flashlight for this but then tought better of it because the light would have been……read more

Sing Me A Song

Dido is ever the accomplished songstress – she has never vied for public attention or tried to achieve world domination in terms of popularity but her new record “Safe Trip Home” sparks frenzy in her fans around the world. Better still? She is critically aware of what it is that she is good at musically……read more