I’m addicted to you

don’t you know that you’re TOXIC

And I love…what…you…do

Don’t you…know?…that…you’re……..toxic

I am so sorry about that. The song just popped into my head when I wrote that title. I TOTALLY had to look up the lyrics. I don’t know those words at all. No way.

What was I hear to talk about? Oh yeah, nails. As you will see the nail colour choice this weeks kinda looks like some kind of awesome sparkly toxic sludge or maybe I am in the midst of some sort of transformation after being bitten by a radioactive something or other. I love this colour. I find it looks like my nails are glowing and I get easily distracted by them.

This week the interesting object is a staple remover…? Yeah. I took this pic at my desk at work really exciting, I know. I was tip-tappin’ away and became mesmerized and just had to take a pic. I work so hard (sometimes) I deserved the break. I could have been absorbing the powers of the radioactive staple remover. Now without a device I can remove staples from anywhere and anything! I can’t explain the little flowers on the nails though.

Anyways this week I only  used 3 polishes. Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Base coat, I find this one gives the best shine especially if you aren’t putting anything on top of it; NYX (NP64) “Simple Sparkle” this is the toxic green sparkle; Rimmel Lasting finish Pro (430) “Black Satin” just a few dots for the flowers.


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That Lantern Guy

I’d have you know that mentioning catchy Britney Spears songs and getting them stuck in people’s heads has been outlawed at the forth Geneva convention as a war crime. You are in breach.

I could be cheeky or sarcastic but not today. The Green looks great on you.


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