Oxymoronic Nail Colour

Before I start this weeks discussion I have to say something about last weeks nail polish. So I used the Sephora X Neon colour “Obnoxious”, the yellow. It was the first time I had used that brand and I went through the proper steps (base coat, 2 colour coats, top coat) in the application and I have to say it is pretty bad polish. I know you couldn’t see it but it peeled in 2 days and when taking it off it still managed to stain my nails leaving this gross sickly tinge. Sure by the end of the week the others did chip but that took at least 4 days and none of them stained. So just a warning if you buy that line.

Even though after that I would usually give my nails a rest til they came back to a regular colour I couldn’t resist applying some new colours I got this week. These were special order colours that are absolutely fantastic.

This is a new textured line from Zoya. It is’t a heavy texture like the caviar nails that are so popular right now, it more has a soft sandy feel to it. It is billed as having a “Matte Glitter” finish (hence the title) that is truly fantastic.

The object today is my “T” cup. Funny thing is I rarely drink tea from that cup, or any other. As usual I started with the Essie All-in-One Base and applied 2 coats to get a solid covering of the colour. Zoya Dixie Dust “Godiva” (beige) and “Dahlia” (charcoal). No top coat is needed for this, plus it would ruin the finish.


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