Ice and Sparkle

This Christmas Toronto and the surrounding areas were “treated” to an ice storm. There were power outages, dangerous driving conditions, and fridgid weather. I was luckier than some in that I managed to stay warm, made it to my destinations safely, and my lights did not go out.

Even though many did have an unpleasant experience it cannot be denied the beauty that the ice storm brought. It was as if in a fairytale; a spell cast on the city coating it in a sheet of ice that glistened in the mid day sun. I captured a few shots on a short but treacherous walk.

Like a wave frozen in time.

Trees coated in ice.

A ravine right out of a storybook.

Even with this it was a good Christmas filled with friends, family, laughs.

Like any other week I still did my nails. It was appropriate for the occasion and quite lovely.

Did you see the tree there? Nice, right? I liked it. I am holding my fave Christmas present, a gift card to the Silver Snail. It is a great comic bookstore, one of the best in the T-Dot, and I am going to have some fun with that. Behind my hand is a lovely pointetia, that you can’t really see.

I used 5 polishes and some tape to get this look. It took some effort but it is worth it.

Base Coat – LA Girl NT13 Nail Strengthener

Red Sparkle – LA Girl Rock Star NL130 “Addict”

Silver Glitter – Pantone Universe Jewel Dust Nail Lacquer “Silver” – this was also used for the decorations on the ‘tree’. I picked out big bits of glitter and placed them.

Green Glitter – Color Club ABM5129 “Holiday Splendor”

Top Coat – LA Girl NT1 Diamond Top Coat

I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas and if I don’t write again before the new year, I hope it is a joyous one.


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