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No I haven’t gotten around to posting those movie reviews yet. I know you are waiting with bated breathe for them but you will have to wait a little longer. The problem is the list keeps getting longer and longer. I am up to 12 movies already and, especially in the coming weeks, I expect it to get longer. Why, you may ask. Well because a few films I really want to see are coming out including Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. It looks great. My only worry is that there may not be enough Schwartzman. I really liked Anderson’s last film, Moonrise Kingdom, but man was it low on the Schwartzman.

Anyways, I bring this up simply because this weeks object is from one of the yet to be reviewed films that I have enjoyed.

Well…kinda. Not really. Yes that is Lego Batman who was in The Lego Movie but that is not a toy from that property. I have had that for years. It was part of the promotion from when the “Lego Batman” game was released. If you must know it was the toy in a Happy Meal. It has a cool twisty body movement so that it throws a Batarang. Sadly I can’t find the Batarang…..

Anyways, the nail look has nothing to do with The Lego Movie it actually was inspired by Carnival (no, not the Rio one, the Trini one). It is just a lot of colour swirled together. The look came out a bit darker than anticipated but it still looks great. I will have to do this look again in neons and then we’ll see how bright it can be.

It took 8 polishes, a small brush, and a whole lot a patience to get this look.

Base Coat – L.A. Girl Nail Strengthener

Grey – L.A. Girl Metal GNL153 “Graphite”

Green – Color Club ABM5129 “Holiday Splendor”

Red – L.A. Girl Rock Star NL130 “Addict”

Purple – L.A. Girl Rock Star NL132 “Groupie”

Blue – Nails Inc Special Effects 3D Glitter 431 “Connaught Square”

Black – Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 430 “Black Satin”

Top Coat – Julep Freedom Polymer – this is new and it says it will make the polish last like the new gel paint but I gotta say…that ain’t true. When you first put it on you do get that glorious high shine but it still chips pretty quickly. Maybe it is because it is on top of glitter polishes…I will have to try it on a basic polish look to see if it will last.


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Carnival Baby

Swirly colours yay! It’s just like what i see see when there is too much glue (or nail polish) and too little ventilation: Carnival Tuesday! Wait, where are the bikinis?


I didn’t realize you used a lot of sick people to get this look patients opposed to patience, which is what you need.


Thanks for pointing out the sadistic pleasure I take in making sick people do my nails. No I have to hide that away.


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