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So it took me a while to get into doing posts as well as my nails this year. I just wasn’t in the mood especially with all my existential angst and turmoil. But I was still getting nail polish from that nail club I oined online (the best and worst thing to ever happen to me) so I needed to put them to good use. I got 7 new colours, half of which were sparkles. I used a majority of the colours on my toes and I think they look hideous so I won’t be posting it but here is what I have done on my nails the past few weeks.

Feb 10 – 14

You would think that it being valentines week I would do something to match….you would be wrong. I just thought of something to do and went with it not thinking of appropriate colours or themes. I also wasn’t thinking of posting cuz I waited too long to take a pic of my hands and most of the nails were chipped so you get a sample of the best looking nails.

This was a really great look actually. I’m sorry you missed it. I may have to try it again with different colours. I used only a small brush and 3 polishes on this look as these were textured polishes and a top coat was not required.

Base – LA Girl Nail Strengthener NT13

Gold – Julep “Diamond Theory”

Charcoal – Julep Stardust Finish “Glam Roc” – Really this was more of a deep purple, with a bright purple sparkle flecks in it but that doesn’t really come true in the pics.

Feb 17 – 21

I decided to go with an ‘action’ shot this week. My fingers very stylishly pushing buttons in the elevator. HOT! I think I was a bit 80s inspired when I decided to go along with this look.

One of the new colours I got was a satin finish white and except for accents I don’t use white a lot so I decided to use it as my base colour. I think it worked out pretty well. I used 6 polishes, some tape, and patients to get this look.

Base – LA Girl Nail Strengthener NT13

White – Julep Satin Finish “Hope”

Black – Julep Black Latex “Cleopatra”

Purple – Julep “Bette”

Blue – Essie 784 “Aruba Blue”

Top Coat – Essie “Matte about You” – this was used on all the black and white nails for a matte finish but one thing I found was if you put a matte topcoat on matte polish it becomes less matte. Weird.

Top Coat – LA Girl NT1 Diamond Top Coat – this was used on the purple and blue nails for high shine

Feb 24 – 28

I think this week’s came out great.

It is a bit of a different look than I am used to. I tried a look I’d been seeing pretty regularly of late, leopard print. As you can see I didn’t do the proper colours I went with something a bit more funky. The combo of animal print and sparkle and the purple made it very girl. But I actually enjoy it a lot. My only regret is the accent nail didn’t turn out as awesome as I thought it would. I should have shuffled the colours a different way. With the black base the gold still pops but the purple is almost completely lost. I should have done a the purple base instead.

The object in another toy from my desk (seriously there are a lot). It is clearly a “Lalaloopsy” as that is plastered across the front of it. This is Dot Starlight and she is totally into space stuff. She’s got a telescope, a rocket, moon globe(?), and a bird…. The bird confuses me but I guess it is something that you can find in the sky.

For this look I used 5 polishes.

Base – LA Girl Nail Strengthener NT13

Gold – Julep “Love” – It has purple/pink sparkles in there as well

Purple – Julep “Bette”

Black – Rimmel 430 “Black Satin”

Top Coat – Rimmel Lasting finish Pro Base/Top

This Week

Ok so this week it was kind of uninspired. It is super simple, nice I guess, but boring. I know this but I wanted to do something easy this week and fancy ain’t easy.

As you can see it is a super simple accent with contrasting border. I did the border freehand with a brush and apparently I do NOT have a steady hand. But it looks fine/neat as long as you don’t look too closely at it. Maybe I will do something fancier next week.

Base – LA Girl Nail Strengthener NT13

Dark Grey – Essie 700 “Smokin’ Hot”

Neutral – Julep “Annemarie”

Top Coat – Rimmel Lasting finish Pro Base/Top

There you have it, 4 weeks of polish in 1 post. No cups.


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