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Blood, Blood everywhere let’s all take a drink … Or not

A pointed tooth here, a hypnotizing eye there and you had me at I want to suck … well let us leave it at that. Perfect bodies and chiseled features – who needs mind control or  hypnotism anymore when just a good set of teeth , a nice smile and those bodies are… …more

40 winks

Well … here we are another day and I still feel tired from yesterday. It seems that oh I don’t know maybe half, more than half, adults don’t get enough sleep; from what I’ve read we should be getting about 8-9 hrs of sleep a day but in reality many of us probably average… …more

Push the Button – Don’t push the Button

As I was driving in this morning I was listening to talk radio – they were discussing the priest (I don’t even want to mention his name) in Florida who, on the anniversary of 9/11, has decided to burn not only one, but as many copies of the Qur’an  that have been sent in… …more

Geekfest ’10

I had such a bad morning today. I hate it when it starts early it throws off the whole rest of the day. Now I feel like I should have just stayed under the covers and pretended today doesn’t exist. Of course that is impossible since I am still on probation at work but that……read more

What the…

When I started working last Monday one of the first things I noticed was a few odd things at my desk. Maybe it wasn’t the first thing; it was the first 5 things. 1. A wine glass that was being used as a vase. This is fine, when given flowers a person sometimes has… …more

I can go

So, you know how I got a job? Well I was happy when it happened and it was a very swift process. After all that long waiting and sending out resumes the whole process took a day. It really is about who you know. Anyways, after the initial shock of realizing i was part… …more

Nice to See You

Ok. So I was supposed to take a short break, like a week or something, but that break turned into a hiatus and that hiatus turned into a sabbatical. It just kinda kept rolling and rolling into a longer period of time away from the site. I was also busy doing stuff. In the last……read more

I don’t think I’m That Crazy

When I was on the way to the Eddie Izzard show I picked up a pack of Gummie Bears to munch on the way. While I was driving I would pop one or two in my mouth. Their gummy sugary goodness fulfilling some craving I haven’t felt in a while. After a few I was……read more

Badgers can be choosers

There is no movie review today because I didn’t see one. I was treated to seeing Eddie Izzard instead. I saw him Saturday night at his second show in Toronto, the first stop on his Canadian comedy tour. I have to say I enjoyed myself. Even though I know of Eddie Izzard, I had… …more


For a few weeks I was having problems sleeping. I would go to bed and stare at the ceiling or out the window or the inside of my eye lids. It is frustrating not being able to sleep. I just felt like I was wasting time. Even though I don’t go to bed early in……read more