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2016 Nerdgasm

2016 Nerdgasm FanExpo 2016 has come and gone. This epic nerdgasm that occurs ever year, heralding the end of summer, brings together all things nerdy, geeky, and fun. Sci-Fi, horror, anime, gaming, all together in a one, technically 2 massive spaces. …more

Reading out loud

Reading Out Loud You may have noticed that I have been updating the site. After doing the site for the last 8 years, it has pretty much stayed the same with the exception of some banner changes, seasonal back ground changes (when I remember), and changes in column width. I was… …more

Civil War and the MCU

Civil War and the MCU The first comic book I ever bought was X-Man #13. I was in The World’s Biggest Bookstore milling around in the periodicals section waiting for my father to… …more

Miss Pebbles

Miss Pebbles Last Wednesday morning I was startled awake by my phone ringing. Barely conscious I frantically pawed at my side table, eyes closed, looking for my phone. Groggily I said hello. Apologetically my mother asked if she woke me. It was clear she did but I told her not to worry… …more

Summer’s over pt 4 – FanExpo!

The next weekend was FanExpo! I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to go but I figured out a way to get in for free. I worked the event! I got paid to be at something I wanted to go to and I got to see a lot of cool stuff. Win-win I tells… […]

Summer’s Over pt3

Along with PanAm came a lot of free shows, activities, and concerts throughout the city. Because of the mass crowds I didn’t try very hard to get to any of these shows. Except 1. The Roots put on a show at Nathan Phillip Square and I just had to be there. It was a… …more

Summer’s over pt 2

As the summer continued in the midst of jobless melancholy and creative bursts, I enjoyed afternoons out where I wondered the streets and met friends for lunch. The city was in a PanAm games frenzy as the streets were often filled with people and the city did its best to accomidate and entertain all… …more

Summer’s over pt 1

It is incredible how quickly the warm days pass. The heat, the sun, the extra vitamin D that makes everyone just a little bit happier. Street festivals, parades, concerts! Toronto becomes even more amazing when the weather just cooperates. We had a scorching summer this year, and I made a point not to grumble about […]

Summer in the city

Just about 2 months ago I lost my job. It was a slap in the face and left me shocked and distressed for a little while. I sat at home watching tv, movies, and writing reviews trying to ignore it. Our home is our sanctuary, and to maintain that comfort, seeking the expertise of… …more

Happy Tum Tum

In recent times I have found myself kind of bored with the regular eating establishments that I frequent. It is not that the food or service has diminished in any way, it is that I feel for something different, something exciting, just something new. So, I have been heading out to places that I… …more