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EWWW – I can’t beleive you said that!

Let’s talk about inappropriate conversations. Is there such a thing? Well for many the answer is yes. There are many, many topics that are inappropriate to talk about and even more places in which not to have those discussions. However Tra and I seem to be missing that part of our cerebral cortex.  We… …more

Relections of … the way life used to be

I remember the days when a cold was a cold and there was no greater threat health wise than the chicken pox. Those days are obviously long gone and far behind us. With a surge of these “new” and improved viruses (sorry let’s use the catch phrase “mutations” – nice isn’t it)  Can I say……read more

More of a Shuffle

Every once in a while I think it is good to do something a little different, something outside of your regular scope of activities. It helps you grow and increases the number of stories you have to tell. Yesterday I did something I have never done before. It was fun, odd, and surreal. I took……read more

Time Filler

On Tuesday I quit my job. I think I did the right thing. I am sleeping more, I feel rested, and I am not utterly annoyed at the end of the day. There is only one regret I have though. I had a post all prepared to be posted and I didn’t and it is……read more

My Horse Is Amazing

As I mentioned in the previous post I am unemployed. I don’t think I will even start the job hunt until next week but until then I think I will be home for the most part, contemplating the existence of things, exploring the depths of my subconscious and watching this (NSFW). It will blow… …more

Don’t look, Don’t Listen

My mother is old school. To her swearing is only done by bad people and is horribly offensive. But with today’s culture swearing is still vulgar but is not offensive if used in a non malicious manner. So if some is thrown in regular conversation it is no big deal to most of us. Yes……read more

Zombie Safe?

Today I didn’t go to work. I woke up with a massive headache, feeling a bit nauseous, and generally unwell. So I decided this is not a day to force myself to sit at a desk and be yelled at on the phone about things I care not about. I have slept for something like……read more

A moving conversation

Cory says:  hey- are you there? I have like 10 min Nelly says:  you beat me to it Cory says:  before mail Nelly says: before?  le sigh Cory says:  I know eh Nelly says:  how come you werent here all day? Cory says:  busy trying… …more

Just once

I work in a small office. So when I sit at my desk and I hear fists banging on tables, grunts, and a stream of cussing, that even makes me cringe at times, it can be difficult to concentrate. Soon after the fit of outrage I am called into the office and asked for help……read more


I like living close to Toronto. There are art galleries, museums, and concerts. All the things that help you expand your mind and explore the culture. But this weekend I didn’t study the great master pieces, or looking at the artifacts of a lost civilization, or listen to the works of musical geniuses. No, instead……read more