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Two become One

No I am not talking about the Spice Girls song. Great! Now I have the Spice Girls song in my head. Afternoon ruined! Or made awesome…? ‘Cause tonight is the night when 2 becomes 1 i need some love like I never needed love before (Wanna make love to ya baby) I… …more


I didn’t do my fingernails this week. I did a bit of running around and having time to watch my hands dry was not in the cards. But I did do my toes. I spent a little more time than usual doing them and they came out looking pretty good. …more

Crazy Week

So, this past week was a bit insane. There was a lot of bad and a lot of good happening and all of it together made it really hard to get anything done. This means both at work and at home. We’ll start on Sunday as this is kinda important to include. I saw… …more


This week I did my nails a little girlier that usual. My colour choice pink with flowers. Say what? I have to admit in the bottle the colour looked more orangy than pink and was super vibrant and had this kind of gel look. It is still vibrant and gel like but the orange doesn’t really……read more


I know I haven’t done this in a few weeks but truth be told I just haven’t had the time. My nails were completely bare for 3 weeks! I know it is inconceivable but very true. But I finally did them. …more

Colour Frenzy

Last week my nails took a break from being sealed in their lacquered hell. But I have managed to imprison them again in a colourful shiny prison. This week I used many colours and tried something new. It didn’t look as good as I wanted but it got a lot of attention, I think that was just because… …more


So I am sitting at home on a Saturday fighting with myself. Get out of bed, eat, do something. As you can see I lost the battle. I am now doing something. Well really the need to eat won out over the need to do something but because I am in the ADD era just……read more

Suit and Tie

Ok so I made a boo-boo last week. It was a busy week as usual (in recent times at least) and I did forget to post my nails. I thought I would do it on the weekend but … yeah, as you know that didn’t happen. I remembered just as I finished cleaning off my……read more


It is incredible what happens when the sun comes out; people smile easier, your mood changes, and things just seem better. it is truly a miraculous thing. I say this simply because I am sitting at my desk staring at a blue sky with the warmth of the sun kissing my cheek. I just came back in from a……read more

Ode to Spring

I know recently I have only been posting “Nailed It!” articles but I promise to you that I will be posting other things next week as well. As it is the first official week of spring I decided to pay homage to this primaveral time. The birds return, the flowers grow, the temp rises, and… …more